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I love zombies

Graphics are OK,and there are some good lookin zombies and the background is kinda cool
Music,well there isn`t much music but it is OK and the sound effects are great
Gameplay is really fun and it gets freaking hard when the Tank from L4D is right behind you and your gun isn`t loaded,what i mean to say it`s awsome

Overall,fun game,im a big zombie game fan,so yeah i love

4/5 9/10

Great game

Graphics are just great,the background looks awsome and i like the amount of diffrent gnomes and weapons
Music is fantastic,it was made by DavidOrr,do i need to say anything else ? And sound by ZStriefel is so amazing
Gameplay is really awsome,it is just great killing all the gnomes and getting new weapons,guns,wands... It is just awsome

Overall great,great,great game,can`t wait for Larry and the Gnomes (get the giant flaming sword of doom)

5/5 10/10

Pixel awsomness

Graphics are retro awsome and i like how does Tyrone look like,he is one awsome ninja,and the background look really great
Music and sound effects not much to say but i like the song it`s pretty catchy
Gameplay is great,jumping fells good,and the game isn`t hard (execpt with Meat Boy) but getting all the coins is very hard

Overall,i like the game,it`s great

5/5 9/10
P.S. On screen 6 with Tyrone,jump in the hole to get to the coin

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Awsomnes !!! You made a awsome song even awsomer
Even do i like the original,this is just so much better

5/5 10/10

rtnario responds:

It was because of the original being so awesome that I made this. XD Thanks!

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Looks exactly like from the game

Hell yeah !!!

He is gonna take you back to the past
To play the shitty games that suck ass
He`d rather have a buffalo...
Yeah i can`t memorize it

TheShadling responds:

Ha me too, thats how badass the song is.

WOW !!!

You made this with oil pastels...
That is so freaking sweet !!!
It looks almost real
I am recommending you to the art portal right now

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